Facebook Advertising (now Meta Advertising) is an ad machine which offer marketers and business owners to run their products or service ads on 3 online big platfoms such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsaap. Interesting thing is When anyone open these apps for just 5 minutes, they will start seeing ads between feed post, stories, reels, videos or when browsing marketplace. Today, Facebook has 3.05 billion users, instagram has 2.4 billion users and whatsaap has 3.03 billion monthly active users. So today we have wonderful opportunity to get our message in front of the billions of users who waiting for seeing ads. 

However, To grow any business through Facebook ad campaigns takes lot of skill, experience and learning mindset.

So as you know we live in the information age, so there is lot of big companies provide free courses to gain skill fast. To get you started, we covered best free Facebook Ads courses that will help you to run your own ads.

Coursera: Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

This is one of the best facebook advertising course said by industry experts and those who take this course. The course claims it can get you from beginner to skilled level to start a job in facebook advertising field in 5 Months.

Offered by: Meta

Instructors: Anke Audenaert, Daniel Kob

Website: Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

Cost: Free

Meta Blueprint: Official Training by Facebook

This course is officially offered by Meta for free. In this course you will get high quality lessons which will get you from beginner to advanced level of knowledge. Meta offer this course for free because they want your money but also they want you to grow business as well. more growth you make, more money meta will make. 

You can signup with this course for free. If you beginner and want to undertand how system works- then this course will help you a lot.

Offered by: Meta

Website: Meta Blueprint

Duration:- At your own pace

Cost:- Free

LinkedIn Learning: Advertising on Facebook

In this course, Megan Adams (Social Media Strategist and Viral Marketer) helps you to create social media marketing campaigns. The content covers basic to advanced concepts which will build the foundation of meta advertising.

Offered by: Megan Adams

Website: Advertising on Facebook via Linkedin Learning

Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes

Cost: ₹900. But if you signup for a one month free trial, you can complete this course for free

Skillshare: Facebook Training

It is like a netflix platform where you pay monthly subscription and get access to all the courses available on the platform. If you want to become pro in facebook advertisin, then i revommend you to buy the subscription of skillshare because covers all the basic to advanced courses. You don’t need to pay for each particular course. 

Offered by: Skillshare

Website: Online Facebook Classes via Skillshare

Duration: Variable

Cost: 1 Month Free Trial

Hubspot Academy: Facebook Marketing and Ads Training

Learn from experts behind the one of leading social media management tools with hubspot academy.

This courses is created by professionals who has taught social media marketing across some of the world’s best universities including harvard extension, boston, and mass college of art.

Offered by: Hubspot Academy

Website: Facebook Marketing via Hubspot Academy

Duration: 48 Minutes

Cost: Free

Simplilearn: Free Facebook Ads Course with Certificate

Simplilearn is the popular online bootcamp & online learning coiurse platform that offers industry best PGPs, Master’s and Live Training. Marc Campman (Social Media Expert) takes you through an engaging 41 video course to learn everything you need to know about facebook advertising. Marc Campman course got amazing reviews with 4.6 star rating. So, it is worth your time to take this course and learn facebook advertising to the best  level.

Offered by: Simplilearn

Website: Facebook Ads Course by Simplilearn

Duration: 5 Hours

Cost: Free

Wordstream: PPC University Facebook Course

If you prefer reading then Wordstream created 10 minute guide which will breakdown everything for you to know about facebook advertising.

Offered by:- Wordstream

Website:- PPC University Facebook Course

Duration:- Varied

Cost:- Free

Kai Bax: eCommerce Facebook Ads Training

If you lke to watch youtube video, then i suggest you kai bax 1 hour video lesson where he teach us about facebook advertising for ecommerce. The strategies in this lesson can also be applied to lead generation campaigns. Kai Bax training helps you to grow your ecommerce business or service business through facebook advertising.

Offered by: Kai Bax

Website:- Kai Bax’s Facebook Training for E-commerce

Duration:- 1 Hour

Cost:- Free

Neil Patel: Facebook Unlocked

According to forbes, neil patel is one of the top 10 marketers. He is the co-founder of 4 companies (Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, Stride and Kissmetrics) and best selling author as well. Neil Patel created a facebook advertising course named Facebook Unlocked that will help you to grow your brand and achieve business goals.

Offered by: Neil Patel

Website:- Facebook Unlocked

Duration:- Self Paced

Cost:- Free


Coursenvy provide ultimate guide to create facebook ads that will help you to grow your business and brand. This course is created with the amazing slide that makes lesson easy to understand. Course cover step by step way from creating business manager account to running profitable ad campaign. If you want to improve your advertising skill then i highly recommend you to watch facebook advertising course  by coursenvy. 

Offered by: Coursenvy

Website:- The Ultimate Guide to Creating Facebook Ads

Duration:- 1 hour 18 minute

Cost:- Free