In today’s digital era, understading of digital marketing subject plays a crucial role for the growth of your business. Whether you are beginner or advanced, looking for improving your skills in the field of online advertising, there are lots of resources to learn digital marketing for free such as online courses, youtube videos, blogs, ebooks, etc. In this article, i’ll give you resources to learn digital marketing without spending hard earned money:-

Online Courses and Certifications

Popular Platforms like Google skillshop, Meta Adveryising Blueprint, Hubspot Academy, Semrush Academy offer free digital marketing courses which is taught by the experts. These courses covered all the topics related to digital marketing such as Google Ads, Meta Advertising, Google my business optimistation, Email Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, etc. Not only you will get the knowledge from these platforms but also they provide you certificates which you can use on your resume.


From my perspective, youtube is the learning university, where you can learn anything for free. There are lots of videos on youtube which is published by digital marketing professionals. Youtube Channels like Neil Patel, Umer Tazkeer, Pat flynn, Senator- We run Ads, Website learners, Backlinko, Moz provide practical knowledge related to the digital marketing. And Many Companies conduct live webinars also which helps you learn about the latest trends and strategies used in digital marketing.


If you want to stay updated with the latest trends in digital marketing. I recommend follow websites like Google Skillshop, Hubspot Academy, SEMrush Academy, Ahrefs, Meta Blueprint, MOZ, Copyblogger, Social media examiner offer lots of valuable resources, guides and case studies that helps you improving your understanding about digital marketing subject. 


If you want to learn while travelling, podcast are an good resource for stay updtaed about the trends and best strategies follows in digital marketing. Podcast like Digital Marketing Daily, The Digital Marketing Podcast, Marketing School  conduct interviews with marketing experts who provide practical tips and real world example that can inspire and educate you on your digital marketing journey.

Practical Experience

Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.- Dale Carnegie. Theoritical Knowledge is important, but practical application is also important to master digital marketing. 2 ways to start getting practical experience:-

  1. Start by Creating your Own website where you can apply different digital marketing techniques like SEO Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, etc.
  2. Help Local Businesses with their digital marketing efforts to get practical experience and build your portfolio.

In conclusion, learning digital marketing for free not only possible but also available to anyone with an internet connection and desire to learning. By taking advantage of these free resources available online, you can aquire skills needed to perform well in the today’s competitive digital marketing field.